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    The course program consists of four modules and respects the requirements of the WG Industrial Packaging Working Group and the updated proposal of the Export Packaging Directive, which incorporates the principles of the German HPE Directive and the FEFPEB European Directive.

    The course runs in three blocks - in two-day blocks, the lecturers are teachers of the Higher Vocational School and the Secondary Industrial School in Volyn.

    Course dates

    Training takes place on Thursday from 8:00 am to 6:15 pm, on Fridays from 8 am to 2 pm.




    The course is intended exclusively for Syby members.


    3 Oct - 15 Nov 2019




    Vyšší odborná škola a Střední průmyslová škola ve Volyni, Resslova 440, 387 01 Volyně,   www.sps.volyne.cz 

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    Contact:  Mr. Vlado Volek      E vlado.volek@syba.cz      M +420 602 625 080


    Course Modules Export Box Designer

    Statics in the plane

    Strength, its determination and effect

    Solution of Planar Force Systems - Force Bundle, Static Force Moment, Torque Theorem, Parallel Forces, General Force System

    Solid plate statics

    Structure element shapes

    Steady state, action and reaction

    Supporting a rigid plate

    Statically certain and statically indeterminate construction

    Loading forces of wooden packaging structures, loading scheme, reactions of statically certain structures

    Load of structures

    Load types

    Constant and variable loads

    Examples of load determination, load diagram, reactions

    Statically certain beams

    Definition of shear force and bending moment

    Simple beams and brackets solutions

    Formulas for some beams

    Variable load on beam with overhang

    Replacing lonely loads with a uniform load

    Anti-tipping stability

    Beams statically indeterminate

    Three-point sentence

    Shear forces, bending moments and continuous beam reactions

    Formulas for some beams

    Frame structures

    Elaboration of simple static calculation

    Input, load calculation

    Consultation in the calculation

    Theory of elasticity and strength

    External and internal forces


    Hook's Law

    Static quantities of cross-section

    Static moment of area, center of gravity

    Moment of inertia of the cross-section

    Cross section module

    Radius of inertia

    Principles of calculation of timber structures

    Limit states - I. limit state, II. limit state

    Basic types of stresses and their combinations, design of cross-sections

    Characteristic strength of wood

    Humidity classes, load duration classes, modification factor, design properties


    Simple thrust and simple pressure

    Buckling pressure

    Simple skid


    Bending shear

    Beam deformation

    Basic formulas, examples of calculation

    Static solution of planar frame and beam structures - program FIN

    Menu and program control, working with files

    Input, data editing, description of static quantities

    Special features of the program, setting of text and graphic outputs

    Link to CAD Systems / DFX Files /

    FinPri Generator

    Internal forces of given structure - independent work

    Design and Assessment of Timber Structures - FIN Wood EC5

    Menu and program control, input, data editing

    Assessment of cross-section, relation to program FIN 10 2D, assumption of internal forces

    Text and graphic outputs

    Design and assessment of structural elements on individual assignment

    Using the EXCEL Spreadsheet for Static Calculations

    Control, enter formulas and use functions

    Cell formatting, conditional formatting

    Used for design of supporting elements of packaging and nail joints

    Connections of wooden elements

    Longitudinal ties, crosswise ties

    Extending ties, securing joints

    Design of fasteners of wooden structures

    Pin type fasteners stressed crosswise

    Other fasteners

    Design and assessment of nail joints and screw joints - examples

    Nail Joint Design and Assessment - Individual Work

    Bolt joint design and evaluation - examples

    Fasteners - Principles

    Simple metal - nails, staples, screws, bolts, dowels, metal connectors, gusset plates

    Metal composite - with pressed pins (GN, N, TCT), with double-sided nails (Menig), action, details, examples of joints, dimensional series, material and calculation data, production and inspection of GN boards, testing, domestic boards BOVA



    Syba, SČMVD Member: 12.000,- Kč (+DPH)

    WG Industrial Packaging Member (Geis CZ s.r.o.; Cordstrap, s.r.o.; Kment s.r.o.; Nefab Packaging Slovakia, s.r.o.; STEINBAUER LECHNER, s.r.o.; TART, s.r.o.; VERPACKUNG PLUS s.r.o.; ŽILINSKÁ UNIVERZITA V ŽILINE): 6.000,- Kč (+DPH) 


    Parkoviště před školou a v arelálu Domova mládeže.


    Meals are available in the school canteen.

    Accommodation is available in double rooms with facilities at the hostel:

    Domov mládeže VOŠ a SPŠ Volyně

    Domova mládeže 597, 387 01 Volyně

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    The seminar is fully occupied.


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